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Does anyone know how to get a server link to be accessed from a Canvas page?

Question asked by Neal Shebeck on May 7, 2015
Latest reply on May 8, 2015 by Neal Shebeck

This question came from a teacher here and it's not something that I have tried (or have needed to try) before. Anyone here try to setup something like this? He wants to have a link that will obviously only work on campus that opens up a specific server space. Not being recognized as a web URL it is over-written or fails.


Here's the email:


I am trying to connect content in a canvas page and announcement to a local and shared resource.

I can enter the URL into the browser and get the local directory but I can not get canvas to allow the link into the content body of a page or announcement.

Even editing the HTML gets rewritten on save.


I need an easy link to a shared folder so the changing content can be accessed from inside canvas. I do not care if the can not access the content from outside the school system, I need them the be able to access it on site.


I have tried drive letter and fully qualifying the servername and even a frameset (frameset worked by accident once when I copied some content)