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Keeping spaces in Speed Grader comments

Question asked by Irv Kalb on May 26, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2018 by Irv Kalb

I teach computer science, specifically the Python language.  In Python, spaces at the beginning of lines of code have important meaning.  

I give a lot of comments about my student's code using the Speed Grader.  However, I have found that spaces at the beginning of lines in my comments are removed by Canvas.  


For example, I might write a comment like this (I will use <b> to represent a space):


In these lines of code:


for i in range(0, 10):
<b><b><b><b>print i


That is, I have indented the second line with 4 spaces - which is meaningful.


However, after submitting the comment, it looks like this:


for i in range(0, 10):
print i


The leading spaces in the second line have been removed.


I spend a lot of time ensuring that my comments are correctly coded, with proper indenting (4 spaces).  But when my students read my comments, because Canvas has removed my indenting, the meaning is not clear.


This is important to anyone teaching computer science.


I have submitted this as a bug to the Canvas Support people, and I got an automated response, but nothing has happened with it.


Can anyone recommend a work-around???  (Or a way to raise the priority of this bug?)