Travis Cox

Canvas Tier 1 Support

Discussion created by Travis Cox on May 28, 2017

There have been a few discussions recently between Australian Higher Ed institutions about the level of support for non-Canvas integrations when our students and instructors contact the Canvas 24/7 Support team. There is some discrepancy about what students and instructors can expect RE: assistance when they can't submit to Turnitin, for example.


I found this page today which may be useful for discussions:


Support vs CSM: When to file a ticket and when to ask your CSM 


It refers to third party tools only where admins are contacting for support, and does not refer to students or instructors.


Are you having issues with Turnitin? YouTube? or ANY other LTI tool/Third Party Integration from our EduAppCenter? File a support ticket or call in on your admin line. Our support team has contacts with every partnership and can reach out to them if it is not something our support team can resolve.


I assume this is because it's within the Canvas Admins group, so if someone can find the detail of what students and instructors can expect, it would be helpful to post here so we have a shared understanding. Thanks!