Listing out all external links in a set of courses

Discussion created by fernerj@erau.edu Expert on May 30, 2017

Is anyone interested in co-authoring a Tableau workbook that pulls all the external hyperlinks from course assignments, discussion prompts, and pages?  The end goal is to enable bulk checking and validation for hyperlinks found in +600 course templates, but I imagine such a report could be applied to a term, etc.


At first glance the workbook would pull the html from the following:

  • assignment_dim --- description column
  • discussion_topic_dim --- message column 
  • wiki_page_dim --- body column 


And then perhaps apply VBA code to pull out the hyperlinks from the HTML from the resulting .csv file.


But I am unsure of the wiki page dim body column as there is a note stating  Redshift will only load the first 256 bytes of the body.   Tips and suggestions are welcome!