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Office365 Content and Teachers

Discussion created by Gideon Williams Champion on May 31, 2017
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A far more effective work flow is to get teachers adding content directly from their OneDrive for Business accounts. This has two main benefits:

  • Reduces the extra number of steps involved eg uploading to Files area
  • Students can view document in native app rather than in Box - especially important for PowerPoints


As we approach the end of our term and students transitioning from one course to another and one teacher to another I am rather concerned at the impact of content created from OneDrive and added to Canvas.


I have TWO KEY QUESTIONS around permissions...


If a teacher adds content to a course from her OneDrive (eg to Modules) and then no longer teaches in that course, will the content still be available for the student?


If a teacher sets up a Cloud assignment from his OneDrive for that course and then leaves, will that assignment still be available or will it have to be remade?


Is there any chance Microsoft will come up with a solution that will allow teachers to add content from Office365 groups or shared OneDrive sites? This would solve an awful lot of problems.