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Discussion created by Teresa Birbeck on Jun 1, 2017
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What strategies are you using to motivate experienced Turnitin teachers to migrate to Canvas with Turnitin LTI aside from promoting the ease of SIS syncing? 



This is our first year using Canvas.  We had many teachers using Turnitin before we adopted Canvas.  There is some resistance from those teachers to move to Canvas and use the Turnitin LTI.  This is creating consistency issues for students and as a result, syncing and visibility issues for teachers using Canvas with the Turnitin LTI.  ( Example:  Students uses Turnitin in 2 classes.  One class uses each method.  If the student uses only the turns an assignment directly into Turnitin in the LTI class, the student's scores do not sync to our SIS.  This is difficult for the new LTI teacher to identify.)