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Anyone using the Diff ID? or... How do you handle the SIS feed at semester transitions?

Question asked by Anthony Bunag Expert on Jun 6, 2017
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When we first started using Canvas, we had set it up according to the directions Instructure provided, including using a "diffing_data_set_identifier" value.  As we've progressed, we realize that this value is both a positive and negative.  Positive in that if we actually had a pause in our classes, we could change the Diff ID and cut off all the old data on our SIS feed.  Negative in that until we do change the Diff ID, we have to keep all that legacy data on our SIS imports, or Canvas tries to delete that data.  So my question is two parts -

  1. anyone using Diff ID (and how do you use it), and also,
  2. what's your procedure when you change terms in regards to your SIS feed?


We've been a bit hamstrung on what we can actually address, so we've not really worried about it, since it's working as-is, but with the summer hitting now, I've been able to carve out some time with our systems people to evaluate and determine if/what we should do going forward.


Thanks for any insight you can provide.