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How to allow students to move on while waiting on module requirements

Question asked by Eric Orton on Jun 5, 2017
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I have a course with a structure like the following inside of a module (which represents a unit):


  • Instruction pages A, B, and C
  • Practice Quiz 1
  • Rough draft assignment
  • Rough draft review assignment (no submission -- this item provides instructions on how to schedule and participate in a live, online rough draft review and also provides a place for the instructor to enter points indicating that the student participated in the review)
  • Final draft assignment
  • Instruction pages D and E
  • Practice Quiz 2
  • Another assignment


I want to prevent students from seeing the rough draft review assignment before submitting their rough draft, and from being able to submit their final draft before participating in the rough draft review. Therefore, I have these three things set up as module requirements with the stipulation that they must be completed in order. The other items in the module have not been designated as requirements because I would like students to be able, while waiting for their scheduled review appointment and/or for the teacher to enter the participation points, to move on to pages D and E, practice quiz 2, and the next assignment. There is really no need for them to wait until submitting their final draft of the first assignment.


I thought this would work, but it doesn't. Students are not allowed to move on in the module until their final draft is turned in, which means potentially several days of not being able to progress in the course while waiting for their appointment time.


Because each module should represent a unit, I'd rather not break this into multiple modules. Short of doing this, though, is there any other way to achieve what I want?