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Submitting Video Content for Assignments

Question asked by Jessica Jones on Jun 2, 2017
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We have many courses that require submissions of multiple file types per Assignment - i.e. Audio / Video files and PDF files (often music recordings and accompanying score).  Currently, students can submit more than one file for an assignment but any media files submitted in this way (as 'File Uploads' rather than a 'Media Recording') cannot be previewed in the Speedgrader.  This means that the marker must download the files to access them.


This is frustrating when the 'Media Recording' feature enables these files to be previewed in the Speedgrader, but not when they are submitted as 'File Uploads'.  


A suggested solution is to use the "Text Entry" option, and ask students to use the "Upload Media" feature of the RCE.  However, being a music course our files are often large video files (i.e. Composing for Screen, or 1 hour performances) and so do not fit within the 500MB limit of the media upload.


I am certain that this issue must have arisen for other similar courses (so many courses use video assignments!) and wondered how other institutions manage multiple file submissions with audio / video content? Any sharing of practice welcomed