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Problems with student choice in Mastery Paths

Question asked by Eric Orton on Jun 9, 2017
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I have a pretest set up that uses mastery paths. In one of the three paths, the student is given a choice between two assignments. However, I've run into three problems:


  1. Whenever I try to test this in student view from the course settings and get a pretest score that would follow the path leading to the student choice, the module still says "Locked until 'Pretest' is graded" (this shouldn't happen because the pretest has only MC questions and requires no instructor grading). I added a separate test student account to the course and tried it, and then the module did show the "Choose Assignment Group" option instead after taking the pretest. However, I have additional things I'd like to implement and test in this path, and with no way to reset the student's data for the course, I am left with no way to do further testing. Is there a way to reset this test student, or better yet, make this work with the student view from settings that can be reset and doesn't require a separate account?
  2. When it did work on my separate test student account, clicking the Next button on the pretest score page did not take me to the "Choose Assignment Group" option. I first got an error when it tried to go to the next (still locked) page in the module, then had to go back to Modules to click on "Choose Assignment Group." Is there a way to have the next button point at the "Choose Assignment Group" option page?
  3. I would actually like the student to get some instructional content before making their choice. So, I'd like to have a path choice like: "Instruction Page AND (Assignment 1 OR Assignment 2)". However, I can't find a way to combine ANDs and ORs in this way. I could perhaps do "(Instruction Page AND Assignment 1) OR (Instruction Page AND Assignment 2)". It looks like Canvas would let me combine things like this, except that I can only add each item (e.g., Instruction Page) to the path once, so I can't put it in both assignment groups. Is there any way to do this that I am missing?