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Resetting Requirements, MasteryPaths Criteria, or Assignment Grades?

Question asked by Katie Skapin on Jun 6, 2017
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Here's the situation: we've got a training course that has a SCORM presentation made in Adobe Presenter. We've loaded it into the course as a graded assignment and have then put the assignment in a module. Once a student passes the assignment, their grade gets passed-back into the gradebook and a Canvas quiz is released to them. 


I've tested the release two ways: once with the assignment and quiz in the same module, using MasteryPaths to release the quiz; and once with separating the assignment and quiz into separate modules and using requirements and prerequisites. Both methods work fine.


The real challenge is the piece I can't figure out: how can I reset a student's attempt? For this training course, students are required to pass training once a year. How can I re-lock the quiz so that they don't have access to it until they've completed the assignment again?


I've tried entering a "-" or "0" as the grade for the assignment with no success. For MasteryPaths, this brings up the "Locked until *** is graded" message, but I can still see the exam. With requirements/prerequisites, I can still see the exam since I've already taken it. Is there a way to reset module requirements, remove an assignment attempt, or keep MasteryPaths locked if a requirement is no longer met?