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Admin Reports: Outcome Results vs. Student Competency

Question asked by Ean Harker on May 8, 2015
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We here at SUU are using Outcomes at the institutional level. We are using these 'ELOs' as a means for university accreditation and etc.

We have been using these ELOs to track students General Education courses in our first phase.


What we have been finding is that the Outcome Results and Student Competency reports have some similarities, but the data tends to vary.


It would be helpful to know how these reports should be used.  There is no tutorial on how the data is gathered and what variables are used to generate them.


What we see is that there is more data and more courses in the student competency (SC) report than in the outcome results report (OR). Also, the SC report lists courses and ELOs not found in the OR report. In almost all cases, we get more outcomes scores for a given ELO in the SC report than in the OR report. There are a few ELOs for which it is the other way around.


      1. What is the difference between the Outcome Results and Student Competency reports?
      2. [Feature Request] It would be nice to have a way to see what account level directory that the outcome used is being pulled from.

        My thought is that the reports inconsistency in outcome scores could be the result of a couple of factors. To better illustrate:

        At the institutional level we have created 15 generic outcomes, along with these "ELOs" we have included a folder containing a breakdown of more defined outcomes. Faculty are asked to use at least one outcome (as assigned to College/Dept.) in their course. So, the logic is that they can search for the outcome and pull it down into their course. (Institutional level to Course) If the instructor pulls from the institutional level, it creates an issue for Chairs and Deans because they cannot see the outcome results in their reports.

        We have been told by Instructure that for the admins of these sub-accounts (Deans & Chairs) to have access to the data, that the outcome needs to be pulled down from Institution to College to Department to Course.

        This illustrates just two scenarios that are possible for the SUU ELOs to be pulled into the course.

        One thought here IS that the different locations (account directories where outcomes are found, where the same ELO can be found in) may cause the variance in the two- Outcome Results and Student Competency reports at the institutional level.

      3. Can you confirm that this is the case?

        The other though is how the outcome is applied. Faculty using the ELO will include the outcome in different ways.

        The first is that the instructor will create an assignment that is worth no points in their course. This may or may not be in its own assignment group with a value of 0% of Total. Thus not affecting the final grade. In this assignment the rubric includes the outcomes listed as a criterion. Faculty, perform their ELO rating separate from everything else.

        The second is where the instructor does include the ELO in an assignment rubric but the outcome is not a scored criterion.

        The third is where the instructor does include the ELO in an assignment rubric with the outcome criterion points as part of the assignment score total.

      4. Do the various scenarios described effect the report differences?

        We just need some clarification as to know which data report is best for our needs


So are there any ideas on this?