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Hiding Due Date

Question asked by FieldAdmin CanvasSTK on Jun 5, 2017
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Hi Everyone


We are migrating from Blackboard to Canvas and have an issue that we were hoping others have seen and maybe have a work around. In Blackboard we have our assessments set to be open from say June 1st at 12:01 AM until June 10th at 11:59 PM. What we are finding is that students start taking the assessment at 11:50 (for example) and submitting it and when they do, it shows late so instructors have to manually grade it. So what we did in Blackboard is set the due date to 2AM. This way they can start the assessment before the 11:59 date but when they submit, it will not show late and require instructor intervention.


Canvas has a problem with this. The Due date cannot be past the Available until date. For example I try to set the Available until date as 11:59 PM of that day and the Due date of 2AM the next day. When you try to do this you get a "lock date cannot be before due date" error.


Not sure how to get around this one. One thought here was to hide the due date from view. Is this possible that anyone knows of? I know we have hidden student using the theme editor but not sure that would work. What do others do to help with this?