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Discussion assignment got locked at an earlier date

Question asked by Ruben Ramirez on Jun 10, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 27, 2017 by James Jones

My Discussion assignment got locked on an earlier date (06/08) than the due date (06/12) or the end of the available dates (06/05 - 06/15).  I also checked Module's "Lock until".  The Module was set to Lock until 06/05.  So, it should be unlocked by now (besides, students were submitting posts with no problem, until it got locked on 06/08 by 11:59pm, which means Discussion assignment was available to students and it got locked suddenly before the end of the assignment).  I also checked "Close for Comments" and "Open for Comments" options.  This cannot be the problem, because these options appear after the due date.  The due date is 06/12, and my Discussion assignment got locked on 06/08.  So, how can I unlock this Discussion assignment?