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Problems adding users...

Question asked by Michael Freedman on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Michael Freedman

I've been an admin for a while, but still a fairly novice user.  I've always had problems getting 100% of users added to my courses.  Here's what I'm seeing:


In class, using the student's school accounts, something like 15% of new users never got their email invite.  They're not in spam, we try again, eventually delete the request and start over.  Usually works, but really should be seamless.


I've learned that courses need to be published, but even though a course is published, I still get this advisory message.

Any other help? Ideas?


My current situation is that I'm trying to add a user with his personal email. Even though I've deleted his school email from the the class (and all other old classes that I can find), the system it blocks adding his, saying he is still registered with the old school email. Any suggestions?


Related, is there a way to see all users and the classes they are registered in?


Thanks, Michael