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Can I copy Calendar postings from a prior semester or year?

Question asked by Nathan Cole on Jun 13, 2017
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 I ask, because some postings would repeat in my course calendars, year to year, because they represent core lecture topics and linked examples I put in the postings for certain dates.


So, for example, if I repeat every semester the same 2 week sequence on researching strategies, evaluating sources, etc., and have the same URLs posted in that 2 week period, it would save a lot of time to at least go back to the prior semester's or prior year's calendar and copy and paste those valuable 2 weeks of links into the current semester Canvas Calendar.  One class is only taught every other year, so rather than re-creating the prior calendar, it would save time by importing that 2 week period or 16 week schedule, similar to how we can select to import only certain Files or Assignments.  


Any help would be very appreciated.


Nathan Cole. Salt Lake Community College.