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RSS Feed Question

Question asked by Barry McCarthy on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by Barry McCarthy

I am a Canvas Newbie.  I am thoroughly enjoying myself during this process of conversion from Blackboard!

Topic:  RSS Feed.  I programmed a RSS News Feed.  It worked just fine. 

Problem / Issue:  The RSS feed flooded the Announcement page (Reuters World News).  The feature set to customize the RSS feed appears straight forward for what it can do, but limited in scope.

Question:  Can I "manage" this RSS Feed process by having the resulting content re-directed into a folder / content / module area of choice - something I can better manage?  Restated, have the ability to "select" where I want the RSS Data to land?  Simply, having 100+ daily announcements flooding the announcement page is rather problematical for all the obvious reasons.

Thank you for your help!