Mark Wittervan

LTI tools in Rich Content Editor

Discussion created by Mark Wittervan on Jun 12, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 8, 2020 by Matthew Long

As Adelaide is adding more LTI tools we are having usability issues with the Rich Content Editor (RCE). The issue is that the order the LTI tools are listed depends on when they were installed.  Canvas support has indicated that to change the order we would need to uninstall the tools and then re-install in the order we want. i.e. the list depends on which tool was installed first. Another option is via JavaScript, we added script to our test environment and it worked, only to break the next time canvas updated test, (it reloaded the page in different order). 

As you can see in our instance we have Kahn academy installed first, but do not use it.  Our preference would be to get Box , Arc on the RCE bar, with others in the drop down. 


Currently there are two related feature ideas open for voting within Canvas Community;

TinyMCE: Ordering of LTI buttons in editor 

Hide "extra" tools in RCE toolbar with a "standard" dropdown icon