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Inking in Speedgrader

Question asked by Susanne Paterson on Jun 16, 2017
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How do I ink over student pdf submissions in speedgrader?

I have a MacBook Pro and an iPad. I am aware that there is an inking capability in Windows but there appears to be no such functionality on iOS or the Mac platform generally.

My goal is to annotate student papers without using the cumbersome draw tool in Speedgrader. I want to use a stylus on my iPad (and plan to link my iPad to my Macbook as a tablet device to do so on my Macbook).


1. IS there such a functionality in iOS?

2. If there isn't, WHEN will such a functionality be available?

3. Is there a practical workaround in the meantime (other than the tablet device one I mention above)?


I am tired of printing up student papers to do comments on them, but at the moment, this seems to be the only way I can continue to QUICKLY and efficiently annotate them. (BTW, I do use audio feedback in speedgrader in addition.)


Thanks for any and all insights.