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How do I allow an external tool to show while not grading an assignment?

Question asked by Jon Hughes on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2017 by Jon Hughes

I have integrated an online tool called TestOut with Canvas.  When I use the shell TestOut provided, they allow me to import all content which also includes videos.  I am using modules to organize assignments but I am running into a problem.


While I want videos to show up in the modules, I can't find a way to remove the assignment from the grade book without removing it from the module as well.  The grade book becomes too overwhelming for students due to the number of "assignments" in the grade book.  


Essentially, I want students to see the external resource within the module but I do not want the resource to count as a grade or show within the grade book.

If I set the assignment to no grade, then the external resource (link to video) disappears.  Any other setting for "display grade as" will show the external resource but will also put the assignment in the grade book.


Hopefully the attachments will help clear things up.