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How do I have students work on multiple examples in the discussion board?

Question asked by Ryan Emerick on Jun 19, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 29, 2017 by Ryan Emerick

Hi everyone,


I teach a course where students need to work on several examples / prompts in the discussion board each week. My course has 30 students and each week there are roughly 10 - 15 examples that students work on. I cannot just provide 1 example for all 30 students to work on, there's just not enough to do with the examples. Moreover, the more examples a student works on, the better she will understand the material. 


What I can do in Blackboard is have students post their work and reply to their fellow students in the discussion board. That system was easily designed for such a thing. I could ask students to work on, say, 3 examples minimum (but they were free to work on more). Grading was simple. I could click through each student, see all their posts, and give them a single grade.


The focus of the course is communication-- I really need students to be able to discuss the examples together. That is, they have to respond to several, but not all examples in a forum, but still have it all be a single grade.


How do I set this up in Canvas?#