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Group Assignment/Google LTI

Question asked by Misty Joaquin on Jun 18, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2018 by Misty Joaquin

I have searched the guides a few times, and I can not find an answer to my particular issue. Any hints, ideas, or workarounds would be appreciated! 


I am creating a course for all of the principals, assistant principals, and teacher leaders in the district at the request of an Assistant Supe. This course will serve as a replacement for their former RISE presentations required by the district. With that said, I have a set of Google Docs that I need to set up as an assignment, but I need it to be a group assignment, and I need each member of the group to have access to the doc. Each group will represent one campus, so I essentially need 9 "copies" of the doc turned in once all is said and done. I have tried setting it up as an external url submission, but that won't let you do group assignments. Option two is to embed the doc in the assignment page and adjusting the share setting, but that gives everyone either the option of making their own copy or working all in one, when I need 9 with each campus sharing. (Elem A working together, Elem B working together, etc, etc...) I tried collaborations but that wouldn't let me use an existing doc. So any ideas on how to make this work the way I want? If I need to, I will copy the doc for each collaboration, if that is the most effective way to get what I need. Any ideas? Thanks in advance!!!