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Looking for Web conferencing options

Question asked by Fletcher Davidson on Jun 20, 2017
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Hi all,


We have identified a major security flaw with our web conferencing provider.

The issue is their platform allows anyone with the URL to access the resource (live session or recording) without any authentication. This is a unacceptable level of security based on the type of data we planned to put on their system.


While they are working on this issue we are looking for alternate web conference providers that can be integrated with Canvas.

Can anyone provide alternate providers that:


  • Services node/cloud in Australia
  • Can support more than 300 participants in a conference
  • Integrate with Canvas so conferences are setup on demand
  • All access is controlled by the course enrollment only.
  • Guest access is optionally possible but is controlled by teacher or administrator.
  • Has no unauthenticated access to any services
  • Prefer WebRTC implementation, flash acceptable
  • Does not use Java


Core Functions

a. Application Sharing

b. Co-Browsing

c. File Transfer via Virtual Storage Room (Not a current feature)

d. Screen Sharing

e. Annotation and Drawing Tools

f. Audio

g. Desktop Sharing

j. Instant Messaging – text chat, private on one chat

l. Supports Video via Webcam

m. Whiteboards

n. Raise hand

o. Away button

p. Timer

q. Polling

r. Break out rooms



Highly desirable functions

a. Scientific calculator

b. Ruler, protractor, set of compasses, etc.

c. Graphing capability