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Display of Announcements on Home/Front Page Not Working

Question asked by Amy Himsel on Jun 20, 2017
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Last semester, I set my Home/Front Page to have recent announcements displayed. I followed the instructions in the Canvas guide and it worked flawlessly (i.e., click Settings, scroll down to More Options, select "show recent announcements on Course home page.")


Now it's the summer term. I copied my Spring course in Canvas and started preparing for the class. I noticed the recent announcements were no longer shown, so I went into the settings and made sure I followed the Canvas guide instructions again (settings - more options - show recent announcements...). I double-checked that the appropriate Front Page was selected, and that I had selected that Front Page as the Home Page as well. It is still not working. 


Any ideas for what went wrong? I've attached a couple of screen shots to show the most relevant settings.