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What suggestions are there for a catalog/library system?

Question asked by Frederick Prasuhn on Jun 19, 2017
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Greetings all:


I teach an educational technology type course. Part of the information flow includes applications and tools that learners use in their work. I want to create and maintain a growing listing of those URLs, synopses, and recommendations to each class I facilitate. Thus, I need a type of library cataloging system, I guess....??? At the moment I have over 20 items to list. Each term I am confident that I will add more. I am promoting this tool in the courses since it is something learners can promote with others in the field.


The information I include:





Category (most likely this will include more than 1 per application)

Who provided the information and the term.


Perhaps a checkbox system for free, educational pricing, fee?



User capabilities:

Search/filtering by field/data type.



What suggestions do you have?