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Moodle to Canvas: Old Content and Templates

Question asked by Jenny Hopf on Jun 20, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 26, 2017 by Jen Millea

Hello everyone!


We just completed a Canvas Pilot and have decided to bring our entire institution over from Moodle to Canvas.  For those who have done this or are doing it now, I have two specific questions:


Did you import any old Moodle course content over to Canvas?

If you did, did you do it for everyone, require a request form, or other? How far back did you go?


Do you provide faculty with blank course shells?
Or do you use templates?

In Moodle we have been providing faculty with skeleton shells that are pre-populated with "placeholder" items. This will not really work in Canvas, so I'm curious what others have done.  Considering setting the default to Module view (rather than a page as a homepage) to mimic the look of Moodle, but would love your expertise!


Thank you in advance!