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Strange Happenings when adding Office Files in Modules

Question asked by Gideon Williams on Jun 27, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2018 by Gideon Williams

I usually convert all my Word documents to PDF before uploading to Canvas.


On the one occasion I did not and tried to link to a Word file in a Module:


This is a printscreen of the message I got when I tried to open the page:

Which then became:


What was unusual is that Canvas initially recognised the Word file and tried to open it Online.


I repeated the task with other Office files: 


For Excel:


For PowerPoint:


I have been pretty critical of Office365 integration in countless posts particularly the inability to embed a document.


What now interests me is that fact that Canvas seems to recognise the file initially and attempts to open it as an online file. This 'drag and drop' feature is something I have mentioned in the past and is possible in other VLEs.


Is it coincidence that this happens or are we seeing attempts by Canvas to look into embedding of Office files by drag and drop and sort out the RCE page functionality


Hope it is the latter but does anyone have any ideas/thoughts what is happening?