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What topics would you like to cover in the Higher Ed Community Zoom calls?

Question asked by Geraint Draheim on Jun 24, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2017 by Geraint Draheim

As per discussion in the last few sessions, it has been suggested that we might have some breakout discussions, or some specific themes or questions for each Zoom Call, so people can opt in/out depending on how relevant the theme or question is for them.


So what sorts of topics or questions that you would like to discuss in a future APAC Higher Ed Community Zoom call?


A few ideas:

  • How do we want to build our community?
  • Invite someone from Canvas to talk about the Road-map (could be a broad overview, or a specific tool or feature within Canvas). This could be a really effective way to have this sort of discussion, rather than all of us individually asking the same sorts of Road-map questions of the Canvas team.
  • Have a joint discussion with people from the K-12 and VET/RTO sectors, and see how we can more broadly work together in the APAC community?
  • Are there any aspects of migration/transition to Canvas that you are planning or working through and would like to compare notes with other institutions?


These are just a few ideas - I'm sure everyone in the community has lots of great ideas for themes or questions. Please reply with any ideas you would like to see on the agenda for future Zoom Calls, or feedback on the above suggestions.