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Over the weekend, all of our Storyline media files stopped working in Canvas. Is anyone else having issues with HTML files playing?

Question asked by Carrie Desnoyers on Jun 27, 2017
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We have over 100 different media interactions built in Storyline that are loaded into our courses. We have been publishing them in HTML format since last June, and they have all played with no issues. 


I loaded new files into courses on Friday and tested them. They all played fine. As of this morning, none of the files will play - this includes all 100+ that have been loaded and playing for over a year.


Here is the error message I am receiving. It indicates it is having trouble loading the SWF file that Storyline uses to play the interaction. To be clear, I am linking to the HTML file, not the SWF file.


Error message

If you are having any sort of similar issues, it would be helpful to share. That would determine if it is Canvas Wide or just our instance.