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Manually adjusting groups after creating them automatically

Question asked by Gene Witmer on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

I'm almost certain this is something I can do in Canvas, but I can't find any explicit statements in the guides, and I don't have a current populated course to test it out in. So I'm asking folks here if they can confirm this.


Suppose I define a group set and have the system automatically assign students, but after they are assigned, I want to adjust them -- say, move certain students out of groups and into their own, creating a new group for that purpose, or just adjusting the groups that exist to separate students that should be separated or put together those who would be good to put together. I expect there's no problem doing this, but if someone can confirm for me  that this is definitely manageable, I would appreciate it. Thanks.