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Can you specify the authentication provider for a deep link?

Question asked by Oliver Thomas on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2017 by Khaled Taleb-Agha

We are using both single sign-on for our students and Canvas username/password accounts for listeners and students from other institutions. For general login, it is very easy to send them to to bypass SSO. However, we have some classes that are using self-enrollment using a self-enrollment URL. It then becomes a bit tricky because non-SSO users need to make sure they are logged into Canvas already before clicking on the enrollment URL, or they will be redirected to SSO login.


Is there a way to either specify that Canvas authentication should be used as part of the enrollment URL, i.e. something like, or a way to pass a deep URL, like, to the login page at, that gets opened after login? We'd like to be able to send the students a single link and have it work without special instructions, even though they are not using our default SSO provider.


Thanks for any advice!