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Extend Course for One Student

Discussion created by Mary Russell Sanders on Jul 5, 2017
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One of our students needs access to a course beyond the Term end date. I found the comments on the feature request Extend Course for Individual Student very helpful. Since the comments were made a while ago, I just want to verify that the following steps are still valid. Any comments, suggestions, corrections would be appreciated!


1. Manually create a new section in the course. Edit the section to set the start/end dates as well as check the box to restrict student access.

2. Go to the People page and add the students, parents, and teacher to the new section. It is not a requirement to remove them from the original section.

3. Go to Admin > Account > Grading.  Find and edit the applicable grading period. Change the "Close Date" to coincide with the new section "End Date". 

4. Notify the teacher that section specific assignments may need to be updated as well as assignment due dates.


Am I missing anything?