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Using enable_sis_reactivation in Courses/Sections via API

Question asked by Katie Favara on Jun 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 2, 2017 by Katie Favara

I am trying to use the enable_sis_reactivation option for courses and sections, using the API. I have not previously marked the enable_sis_reactivation in courses or sections previous to using the API. I can use the GET to determine if a course/section is active. If it is not active, how do I find a deleted course/section using the API to know whether to update it or create it. I did not see the enable_sis_reactivation as a parameter in the API for update, but I can test that. But first, I need to determine whether it is deleted to know to PUT an update or PUSH to create. 


Any help from someone who has worked through this would be appreciated. I haven't gotten to users yet, but I will have the same questions there.