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Relative links to media break when HTML files become too large

Question asked by Eric Orton on Jul 6, 2017
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I have a course that, for a number of reasons, includes several HTML files that are inserted into native Canvas content pages using an <iframe>. These HTML files are in the course files, and include relative paths to media included on the HTML page (such as images, Flash, CSS stylesheets, JavaScript files, etc.), which are also in the course files. For most of the HTML files, this works great.


One particular file, though, has a lot of content -- so much that the HTML file is over 130 KB. That seems to be the threshold at which Canvas changes where the HTML file is stored, which means that none of the relative paths in the file work anymore. Thus, styles are wrong, images don't show, etc.


Specifically, HTML files over 130 KB get stored at: 


Smaller HTML files and all the media files get stored at: files


Does anyone know of a way to solve this problem, like perhaps a setting where we can prevent Canvas from moving designated files to other cloud storage or set a higher threshold for storing HTML files in this other cloud storage?


By the way, I've already thought of breaking the HTML file into two files, each under 130 KB. But, for the sake of continuity as well as to better understand how Canvas works, I'd like to get an answer to this question before deciding to go that route.