Marsha Ratzel

Starting on Canvas with a syllabus???

Discussion created by Marsha Ratzel on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 6, 2017 by Jay Jackson

Hi grateful to be a part of this group.  My district just selected Canvas and we've completed several of the Quick Start videos. much to learn.

Here's my question.  I've never had a syllabus in the formal sense before.  I know the general units and a broad outline of what I do in each unit.  But no syllabus.  I would have all the unit names but only the first 8 weeks of school planned down to the fine detail of readings, assignments, tests, etc etc etc.  The rest is in old plan books that I review as i get ready to start each new unit.

I read you can upload a document (which I don't have) or you can build it???? in the syllabus function.


What would you advise as the best way for an 8th grade teacher to start?  It seems like the syllabus is the best place but exactly how to put it up there is still mysterious.  Sort of related but seems like you can use the syllabus as your homepage.   But I would think we'd need more than the syllabus on a homepage....what would you advise on this?


Thank you in advance.  I really appreciate your help.