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Timeout when loading a large quiz to edit it

Question asked by Gerald Q. Maguire on Jul 7, 2017

I mechanically created a large quiz (using a program to migrate question content from another system). The resulting quiz with all of the automatically generated variants of questions and answers has ~513 questions in it. I can export it (as a file) and load it into the production, test, and beta environments. However, all of these environments generate a page timeout when loading the page when I attempt to edit the quiz. The error message will be of the form:

The page isn’t working took too long to respond.

Is there a limit on the size of a page or the size of a quiz? (The file is 2.8 MB.)
Splitting the set of questions into groups of 50 seems to work. The issues seem to be related mainly to the number of answers rather than the number of questions.
I have also noticed that the frequency of HTTP Error 500 when inserting questions seems to vary with the time of day. Additionally, there seem to be some HTTP Error 404 errors.  What is really odd is that the again the behavior seems to change with time.