Cristina Iuliana Nistor

Relational Map for Office365 integration

Discussion created by Cristina Iuliana Nistor on Jul 7, 2017

I am building a self-paced Canvas course for our teachers that starts with the basics and takes them all the way to the most advanced things. This way, anyone can enroll regardsless of how much Canvas experience they have and stop when they feel they've had enough.


Our institution is now transitioning from itslearning and teachers are used to a pretty simple - mostly files and link based type of course content. I noticed during courses and workshops that relational maps and workflows helped many understand how things connect and where they should begin.

Here are some examples - they are unfortunatelly in Norwegian.

The first one explains relations between Files, Pages and Modules and between these elements and Calendar events

The second one is a list of practical steps for building a course in Canvas. 


Could such a relational map be built for the Canvas Office365 integration?