Does anyone use CourseLeaf CIM / Bridge from Leepfrog Technologies ?

Discussion created by skalski_admin on Jul 7, 2017

We are a Banner school working on implementing the CIM program and the Bridge.   The Bridge will take the data from the CIM course form and update Banner with this data.   We also wanted them to update the field SCRINTG_INTG_CDE so the new course would feed to Canvas during the Banner export and Canvas import process that we have running.


Background information
CIM Process
User enters a new course on the CIM course form in CIM.
The user saves this change and the change goes thru an approval process via a workflow in CIM.  Once the course is approved  the last step in the workflow is for the Registrars office to push this course data to Banner.
The CIM program was suppose to  include the BB code (This is the Integration Partner field in Banner:  In SCADETL, the field is SCRINTG_INTG_CDE)  as part of their update to banner.
During testing we found that this field is not getting updated and reported this to them and  they told us this change is out of scope.
We are looking for other Banner schools that have CIM and the Bridge running to see what process they use to get the new course to Canvas.
We are also looking for any feedback on using the Courseleaf CIM / Bridge.