Steven Garfinkel

When do students see updated course content?

Discussion created by Steven Garfinkel on Jul 9, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2017 by Roxanne Conroy

I experienced an instance of a student seeing an outdated version of the course content, so my question is specifically what steps must be preformed by the instructor, and what steps must be performed by the student so that the student sees the updated information.  As a starting point assume the the instructor is editing the material and that the student is viewing that material.

Instructor steps:  Is saving the data sufficient?  Do you have to save, unpublish and publish?  Do you have to log out of canvas?

Student steps: Once the instructor does their part, what does the student have to do? Do they have to refresh their browser window?  Does browser cache block the update?  Do they have to navigate to another area of the course content? Do they have to log out and back in to canvas?

Thanks for your help!