Jacki Allen

How can I make training fun and how can I best support our Coaches with Canvas?

Discussion created by Jacki Allen on Jul 9, 2017
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We are training all of our staff next week in Canvas (yay!) for 2 days. There are approx 120 staff and we have already trained one staff member for each campus to be the Digital Learning Coach (or Canvas Champion). We will rollout Canvas to our secondary school next year. Staff will have approx 5 months to build their course/s.

So, I am wondering does anyone have any advice for:

  1. making next week extra cool/ fun/interesting/worthwhile (rather than the obvious)
  2. any ideas on how to help support the Coaches when they return back to their campus to drive Canvas and keep the momentum/excitement going.
  3. best way to create a Professional Learning Community

Thanks in advance