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Common Quiz - Pull or Aggregate Results from Different Courses

Question asked by Jesse Schreier on Jul 11, 2017
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I have a quiz that our college library has created in Canvas about digital literacy. Actually, the library has a bunch of modules, but let's focus on the digital literacy quiz. 


Our plan is to make a Canvas Course for the library. All professors will be added to that course. Any professor who wants to copy the digital literacy quiz into their course can simply import the quiz from the library Canvas site into his/her own subject specific site.  


The question is this: is it possible using the Canvas API for the library to pull the results of that quiz from every course that it is imported into? My understanding is that once a quiz is imported into a professor's course, only the "teacher" of that course can see the results. Even if this were possible, there are also FERPA rules to think about. Should the librarians have access to a student's quiz results in a professor's specific course? I don't think so. 


Does anyone have experience with this? The obvious work around is to make the quiz into a google form owned by the library.