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post grade and comment at same time in grading box

Question asked by on May 12, 2015
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This question should probably be an idea, but it is another quirk I have found with the way I use the grade book in Canvas.  If I go into the grade book and click on the little square to get the following grade window up

I have discovered that I can put a mark in and click on update mark and the grade is posted and I go back to the gradebook view.  If I type in a comment and then hit post comment, the comment is posted and I go back to the gradebook view. This all works as expected.


My problem is the following:  If I go to the above view and enter both a grade and a comment, I can then press post comment and only the comment is posted - the grade is not.  Likewise, I can enter in a value for both fields and press update mark and only have the grade posted and not the comment.


I feel that either button should update both fields when selected.  Or, another button needs to be added to allow post and update.