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Good ways to generate 3-D geometry line art diagrams?

Question asked by Linnea Thompson on Jul 13, 2017

I'm working on adding more questions to my test bank, and while I have developed several systems for getting various 2-D shapes and coordinate plane graph images for my questions (I usually end up constructing in GeoGebra and screenshotting these days, but I have thus far had nothing but frustration trying to use their 3-D option to get the kinds of images I need), I have not yet found a good program to use to get "line art" 3-D diagrams for things like volume of compound figures. (I end up using a non-math-based graphics program and eyeballing the perspective to the best of my ability.)


I'm looking for something with a set of math-based construction tools, so I could start by constructing, say a circle with radius 5, then creating a cone of height 8 with that circle as a base and a hemisphere "underneath" it. (I'm not looking for that specifically, but that's the kind of thing I'm having trouble finding a mathematically-based construction program for.) I'd want the output to be plain line art able to be understood from only that one view with labels on the dimensions (like the diagrams in textbooks or tests that come with a lot of pre-packaged curricula) rather than opaque, shaded solids as 3-D programs seem to assume I want.


Here are examples of the kind of images I want to be able to create:

Line art image of two cones joined at the base

A line art pyramid with dimensions listed