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Peer review feedback to gradebook?

Question asked by Matthew Louvet on Jul 17, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 21, 2018 by Carlos Becerra

If an instructor has built an assignment to include 3 peer reviews of a submission, and the peer reviews are to be completed with a rubric provided, why does the gradebook not show the average of the peer reviews?  The box was checked on the rubric stating it would be used for grading and the assignment was created properly.  It isn't part of the students overall grade percentage, however it would show the student a valuable feedback point of where they stand based on their peers for the assignment.  Why would an instructor want to use peer reviews if they then have to filter through all the peer responses to determine the students grade and manually enter it?


Even if the gradebook displays the average, the instructor could review the students work and then manually change if their impression of the work does not agree with what is subjectively being displayed by their peers.


Is there a way to make the gradebook display an average grade from the multiple entries of the peer reviews?