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Making Mastery Paths report to your schools grade book (powerschool)

Discussion created by Shane Freeman on Jul 20, 2017
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If you would like Master Paths to report to grade book and Powerschool you can with this simple step.  After the student finishes the assignment that creates the Mastery Path, you will need to open and edit each of the assignments that the Mastery Path leads to.  You will notice that there are now two "Assigned to" windows.  one listed as Mastery Paths that you set up when you created the original pathway.  The second has all of the names of the students in that pathway.  We are going to combine them.  (you will have to do this for each assignment in the Pathway, and I recommend that you wait until everyone has completed the Master Path gateway assignment so that you do not have to do this multiple times for the same assignment.)

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Go to the second "assigned to" window and set a due date that matches the date of the original Mastery Path. Then save your edit.
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You will get this warning. Its ok you want to assign this task to specific student not all of them.  Click continue and move on.
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Now that they are combined make sure that the Sync to SIS box is checked and that your Powerschool grade book is NOT set to calculate blanks as Zero.
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  Students who did not follow this pathway will automatically be muted in Canvas grade book and exempt from the assignment in PowerSchool 
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