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Discussion Forum Issues: Editing My Replies

Question asked by Bridgitte Schaffer on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Stefanie Sanders

To whom it may concern,


Discussion forums are the basis of my online history classes.  (As such, I wish that they were more conducive to meaningful discussion, rather than short comments!  For example, when you open up the reply box, the standard size of the box allows only for about 3 lines of reply, so I always have to lengthen it.  The text-box is narrow, so any reply over a couple of paragraphs looks really long and, I worry, freaks out my students.  The box to connect to materials and assignments on Canvas remains at the top of the screen, so it is inconvenient to insert hyperlinks after I get beyond about the 3rd student; couldn't the box with the links parallel the instructor as he/she scrolls down through the page?)  


But here is my question: I post detailed replies to my students' posts.  Sometimes, I find I need to revise my comments after I post them. If I post a reply and then edit it, when I hit "Done" Canvas converts my reply to that student's post into a new post - in other words, it no longer appears as a reply to that student's post.  So, in order to maintain the "thread" of the conversation, I have to copy my reply, delete my post, and then resubmit my reply.  Moreover, sometimes, when I go to re-submit my reply, no text-box opens up, and my only options are to attach a file or cancel the reply.  At that point I have to exit the discussion forum, re-enter it, and then Canvas will allow me to submit a reply.  Why does Canvas do this?  Can it be fixed?  (FYI: I have been using Google Chrome as my web-browser when working with Canvas.)


Thanks very much,


Bridgitte Schaffer