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Quizzes, Question banks, etc.

Question asked by Robert Cooley on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Kenneth Rogers

Are these in any way integrated?


First some background, I teach English in Asia.  I want to have 6-8 new words of new vocabulary in each class.  Then a short quiz about these new words.


What I want is some reinforcement and repetition exercises for the students.


Maybe they take the short quiz again the next morning to reinforce.  Then I want these questions to magically become part of the question bank.  Perhaps another quiz in the evening.  This should be part of the class review process, and give random questions that have been on previous quizzes.


Can the "Question Bank" build itself from prior quizzes, or must I manage this myself?


I love the ideas behind this:   It is open source, cross platform, etc.


Short simple quizzes, repeated, and it remembers what you are weak in, then hammers on that.  Stuff you know gets low priority, but things do resurface.


Is there anything like this in Canvas?


Thanks in advance!