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Does anyone have a great way of allowing students to grade themselves?

Discussion created by alison winters hanson on Jul 22, 2017
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I am an art teacher tasked with using Canvas as my method to grade. I like using self-evaluation rubrics and since our district is trying to be as green as possible, I'm attempting to use Canvas to make this happen. But I'm finding it really limiting. Last year, I made rubrics (specific to each project within Canvas) and asked students to turn in their physical work to me and then use Canvas to create a text box. Inside that box they wrote 5 numbers which corresponded to the rubric evaluation. Two problems occurred-- The first--kids just didn't do it. The second--kids didn't bother to read the rubric and gave themselves full points in each category just to get it done.


I want a better solution. I'd love for students to be able to click on a box within the rubric like I do in speedgrader. Has anyone had better luck with something else?