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New Hire/Teacher Induction Online Program Creation

Question asked by Pam Schachern on Jul 21, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 2, 2017 by Pam Schachern

I wasn't sure where to put this question so I thought I would put it here for some suggestions or recommendations on where to post the question and maybe even some suggestions!    


We would like to create a program for new hires at our school.  My thoughts are something like a student handbook that we distribute to new students.  I'm thinking this would be a faculty handbook/program and way more fun than reading thru some thick 3-ring binder with a bunch of text on the pages.  This online program could be worked thru to help better orient new hires.  I was thinking of maybe pics of key personnel with some basic descriptions of job titles and duties (currently we used old yearbooks), maybe a type of a virtual tour since our campus can be kind of confusing to new comers, a section for policies and procedures, and maybe some fun activities such as Quizlet or Quizziz to review required procedures in a fun way.  The administration loves the idea so much, they also want to convert our teacher induction program to an online format as well.  Depending on how these projects go, they have some other ideas they would like to create as well so I'm going to start with the new hires and the teacher induction program initially and see how it goes.   


I'm also thinking this could be used as an example of what a teacher could create in their respective classrooms as well.  This may help with buy in!


Has anyone already done this and would anyone have any recommendations/ideas/suggestions/comments?  Thank you so much in advance for any assistance with this.