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Is the integration also supported for self hosted canvas users?

Question asked by Tomer Libal on Jul 27, 2017
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Dear Community members,


I have read the guide for integrating Office 365 LTI into Canvas and wanted to ask for a clarification about the following:



The Office 365 LTI supports Microsoft OneDrive in Canvas and can be enabled at the account, sub-account, or course level in a Canvas production environment. The LTI is not available in the Canvas App Center and must be configured manually by users who have permission to add and edit LTI tools. Integration instructions vary by region:


  • United States: Users can generate their own key and secret to install the LTI tool through the EduAppCenter Microsoft Office 365 app page. Instructors in Free-for-Teacher accounts can add the LTI to individual courses.

  • Worldwide Regions: Users should contact their Canvas Customer Success Manager (CSM) for region-specific configuration credentials. Office 365 is not currently available for instructors in Free-for-Teacher accounts.


In my school, located in France, we are currently experimenting with Canvas and are running the self hosted version which can be found on github (not a Free-for-Teacher account) and we therefore do not have a CSM. Is there a way for us to use the integration and generate keys and secrets or is this integration available only for paid Canvas accounts?


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